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Medium: An interview with Lisa Kelechava

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Treefrog is a plant-based pain relief gel that was developed in the rainforests of Costa Rica. It was designed to target pain quickly and directly with its all-natural formula; it absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and has a clean scent. Lisa Kelechava, the founder of Treefrog, established the company after developing her staples products that were designed to alleviate minor aches in an all-natural way.

Lisa recently discussed her company via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Where does your passion come from for health and wellness?

Lisa Kelechava (LK): I had struggled with migraine headaches for years and about 13 years ago, I came to the realization that I had to address what I was eating and drinking- diet sodas, artificial sweeteners, sweets, chocolate and white flour — all had to go — and I came to the realization that I had to adopt a cleaner approach to living. I also had the opportunity to visit Costa Rica and I was drawn to their very clean lifestyle and their more natural approach to living. I ended up spending more time down there- falling in love with the country and learning how to live a much cleaner existence. The migraines went away.

MM: What gave you the idea to enter into the skincare field?

LK: I was spending more time down in Costa Rica and became interested in their use of local ingredients to make a variety of products. I own another company in a totally different category- my other company makes Christmas ornaments- and although I could sell Christmas ornaments on a year-round basis- I always wanted to develop and market a product that I could sell year-round. I kept coming back to the beauty and skincare industry and that “everyday” product eventually was Treefrog.

MM: What made you decide to launch your own company and how did you choose the name Treefrog?

LK: I have spent a lot of time in Costa Rica and in the rainforest. The rainforest comes alive at night. It is common to see the little red eyes of the rainforest treefrogs at night. They are quick, very nimble and very active. Since Treefrog is a topical pain relief gel- when you use it- it will make you as active, quick and nimble as a little rainforest treefrog. Treefrog was also born in the rainforest so it made sense to make a nod to one of the fascinating creatures that call the rainforest home. Reaction to the frog has been wonderful.

MM: How difficult is it to get products such as yours approved on the market?

LK: Ours is a homeopathic product, so it is not subject to FDA testing- the FDA never evaluates homeopathic products. Treefrog is registered as an import product with the FDA. It took about two and half years of development to get Treefrog on the market and the process is not easy.

MM: Do you have any favorite product?

LK: Of course, I am very partial to Treefrog and use it all the time. One of my very favorite products is a hair care product that is actually not made any more called Redkin Glass. I am hoarding what I have left of it and I am always hopeful that I can find a substitute- tried many- the original Redkin Glass is still the best.

MM: How have you gotten your products into big-box stores and raised awareness about them?

LK: Treefrog has only been on the market since August 2023. We are currently in talks with some big box stores and we hope to begin placing it here soon with some larger retailers. We are finding that Treefrog is helping folks with pain management and without the use of harsh chemicals. We are excited to be able to bring our product and pain relief to a larger group of consumers here shortly.

MM: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

LK: We have a Treefrog user who told me that this product changed her life. She had been suffering from terrible neuropathy and Treefrog now keeps it in check for her. She was basically house bound and now she is back to living a vibrant life again. Her story is truly amazing and when she told me how much she loved the product and how it helped her, I realized that this was a special journey.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future? For example, how would you like to see the Treefrog line evolve in the future?

LK: Pain is a global epidemic and people are drawn to a more natural approach to treating just about everything. I myself do not like to even take an aspirin. The pain epidemic is also affecting people at a younger age. A more sedentary lifestyle combined with the introduction of tech has created a whole new generation of pain sufferers earlier in life. And chronic pain is just awful. I want to make Treefrog available to anyone anywhere in the world who may benefit from it.

MM: What is coming up next for you and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

LK: We are currently in the middle of a clinical trial with Treefrog specifically to help chemo induced neuropathy and neuropathy caused by diabetes. The results will be ready later in the Spring and we are all so excited about the potential findings of this study.

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