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Medium: Heal with Nature with Treefrog Topical Pain Relief

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Founder and CEO Lisa Kelechava longing for a more “cleaner” approach to pain relief wanted a topical pain reliever that was truly born from the healing properties of nature, thus Treefrog Topical Pain Relief was born. A topical pain reliever that helps ease minor aches and pains. Treefrog is a plant-based pain relief gel developed from the biodiverse of the rainforests of Costa Rica itself.

A country isolated from the influences of modern medicine they relied on going to nature for healing and nature is sometimes better.

Crafted in Costa Rica

A completely vegan pain reliever, each plant used in their topical pain relief is locally sourced and supports local Costa Rica farms and families. But that’s not all!

They are also eco-friendly:

  • Treefrog facility is powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • Their container jars are crafted from 100% recyclable materials.
  • Shipping is designed to use the least amount of raw materials.
  • Cruelty-free made.

TreeFrog Topical Pain Relief comes in 4 oz size jars or handy travel packets that will give you up to 4 applications in one.


A sufferer of chronic pain and a holistic lover when Treefrog came across my desk I was intrigued. I’ve been burnt by regular over-the-counter topical pain creams before. They are messy, not all worked. Plus they smelled horrible. Now here’s a “clean” topical pain reliever. Will it work?

A Little Goes A Long Way

First off a little goes a long way, However, if you accidentally apply a little too liberally (Like my husband did on my back.) there is no sweat. This stuff absorbs completely into your skin. There is no greasy skin residue at all. So, this stuff already has a high score in my book.

Next, I tried it on my knees. I suffer from arthritis in my knees and sciatica that runs down my left leg. Falling asleep is difficult for me as my knees ache and my legs just buzz and ache. Even when I do fall asleep, my sleep is constantly disturbed as I wake up in pain.

Applying just a little bit to my knees and other affected spots before bedtime I woke up the next morning surprised that I slept through the night! There was no knee or leg pain!

The following night, I forgot to apply the gel and, as expected, I had a restless night’s sleep. However, when I remembered to apply the gel the next night, I woke up realizing that I had slept through the whole night again and felt well-rested too. Often, I would get some sleep, but it was not a deep and restful one, which our bodies need to properly heal and repair. After years of poor sleep, it was such a relief to finally sleep well and wake up feeling rested.

A Nice Scent

Treefrog smells great too. You can say bye to those over-the-counter creams and their overpowering, lingering orders. Treefrog scent is light, fresh almost minty scent. The scent does not linger either so no one will know you have ever used it unless you tell them (and you might want to!)

If you’re plagued with minor to medium pain and are looking for something more natural to help your pain relief Treefrog is without a doubt your answer. I thank TreeFrog for sending my pain on vacation so I could get a good night’s rest.


The natural way is the better way. Treefrog’d groundbreaking topical pain relief gel truly comes from the earth. Plant-based and born in one of the cleanest spots on the planet TreeFrog boasts the movement that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a product free of harsh, and artificial chemicals.

Treefrog was born in the rainforest of Costa Rica. It is an incredibly diverse country that attracts active adventure seekers for surfing, deep water fishing, and ziplining through waterfalls. Minor aches and pains are bound to happen so alleviate your pain the natural way with Treefrog.